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Can't get to work if I don't have a car

I needed a bigger car for the jobs I had and noone would finance me.  I was paying close to $700 a month in rental bills before Steve asked he could help me get financed and into lower payments.  I told him it probably would not work but he and the team got me out of renting and into building my credit with an SUV i now own.  Thank you guys for working with me. 


You guys ROCK!

I don't trust my car going to the snow.  You guys have helped me out so many times, making sure that the cars I rent are always safe and well-maintained.  - Cathy  

I'll never buy anywhere else again

I've been renting cars from these guys for years.  when it came to buy a car, i asked if they would sell me the one I was driving.   Chris not only helped me with the financing, but he also credited my rental bill towards the purchase.  I did not even know they could sell cars..  good for me for asking.  These guys are way better than visitng a dealership.   - Arabella